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We design and install affordable custom solutions for garages – Calgary & area

Unique Storage and Organizers help you to organize any room in your home: we are experts when it comes to garage storage solutions. We’ve helped hundreds of customers organize their garages in Calgary, and most surrounding areas. We’ve transformed their messy cluttered space into well-organized spectacular looking garages.

Garage organization is something that Unique Storage and Organizers excels in. We are confident that the garage cabinets and storage systems we offer are the best in the business, and designed to stand the test of time even with our extreme Calgary climate. We know your garage floor is going to be snowy and wet in the winter, and we also understand the extreme low temperatures that your garage gets down to in the winter months. You need sturdy and strong storage systems that are going to last and keep your tools and outdoor equipment off the floor and secured, ours will… we guarantee it: for life.

Garage Organization – Calgary
Custom Garage Storage & Systems

free in-home consultations
Unique Storage and Organizers
Garage Storage & Organization Systems
Calgary & Surrounding areas
We can help you design the perfect solution for your garage

calgary organized garage floorOne of the main things that sets us apart from other garage organization companies in Calgary is that we are a small family business; our customers get to deal directly with the company owner throughout the whole process, from design right through to installation. We do not hire 3rd party installation crews to install our customer’s garage storage and organization solutions. Our company owner is onsite and actively involved in all installs, which means all the minor elements are looked after and attention to detail remains our top priority. We understand that our business is built on the trail of happy customers that we leave behind after every job, and that is our number one priority: to leave behind happy satisfied customers on every garage project.

Garage cabinets

One of the main components used for organizing garages is our beautiful garage cabinets. We have almost 200 different sizes of garage cabinets including:

  • central divided tall cabinets
  • upper cabinets
  • base cabinets (to go under our workbenches)
  • blind corner cabinets

Our garage cabinets and door fronts come in several great colours: 

  • Pewter
  • Metallic Bronze
  • Metallic Silver
  • Coco
  • White
  • Slate
  • Maple
  • We even have some premium powder coated finishes in Red or granite

We often suggest interchanging color of the fronts with the cabinet boxes; some combinations give such a spectacular result that you will never want to close your garage door.

Quality & safety   
We are 100% committed to providing the best quality gargae storage and organization solutions. The load-bearing capacity of our garage shelves are 100 pounds, and the thickness of our shelves is 1” (25% thicker than the industry standard).  Our garage cabinets are so strong that we mount them directly to the wall. Even the tall cabinets are attached to the wall and do not touch the floor. We like to leave about a 6” gap under your cabinets; that means that the cabinets don’t get wet if you have snow melting on the garage floor, and cleaning the garage floor becomes a lot easier.

Custom options & space control
Our cabinets are designed to house the usual items that Calgarians keep in their garage:

  • Gardening tools
  • Camping gear
  • Vehicle and household tools
  • Sports equipment
  • Paint and repair supplies
  • You name it and we can suggest the right type and size of cabinet to store your stuff

However, if you have an unusual item we can make the cabinet to fit your needs. All our garage cabinet doors are self closing, however in some instances customers prefer sliding doors. Sliding doors are great for a tighter space, particularly if you want to access a cabinet without have to move a vehicle out of the way.

Garage drawers
Drawers are a great way to store a variety of garage items. Small tool drawers are popular with vehicle enthusiasts, and our larger drawers are useful for storing garbage bags or even the kids sidewalk chalk.

Slat wall & overhead storagecalgary garage storage overhead 

Utilizing the side walls and the ceiling of your garage is important. We want to create the most storage space possible. Our slat wall comes with a massive variety of hooks, some generic that can be used for almost anything, and some are very specific and designed for holding items such as ‘skis and poles’, fishing rods, bikes, tennis equipment – you name it, we’ve got a hook for it.

Overhead storage bins attach to the underside of your ceiling and hang down at customizable heights. Great for sleds, the christmas tree, and other seasonal items that you don’t need to access every day.

Garage workbenches

The garage workbench is where it happens. Changing the bike tires, or greasing the parts that move, or gluing the wobbly kitchen chair. Our workbenches are extremely DURABLE, and come in either 1 ½ inch 16-gauge stainless steel, butcher block SOLID maple, or a more traditional laminate counter top.

Calgary Garage Organization In 3 Simple Steps:

We come to you. This is a FREE in-home consultation.
We will look at your garage, observe your current use and listen to your needs and wants. With this information, we will come up with some visual 3D designs on our software so you can see what your garage space will look like with different examples of our stunning garage configurations installed. 

If you choose to go ahead with any work, we will install your garage solutions within two weeks. Most garage projects are completed within a single day, and then the space is ready to use right away. 

Rest assured that you now have an installation that will last FOREVER. If anything fails or breaks during normal use for as long as you own your home, we will replace it for you for free… no questions asked.

Garage Organization – Calgary
Custom Garage Storage & Systems

free in-home consultations
Unique Storage and Organizers
Garage Storage & Organization Systems
Calgary & Surrounding areas
We can help you design the perfect solution for your garage

Calgary Garage Organization FAQ’s

I want my Garage Organized NOW – do I have to wait till the spring or summer?  
We design and install garages organizers all year round.
How much does it cost to organize my garage?
Prices for garage organization vary greatly, depending on how much of your garage you want to organize and how big your garage is. In Calgary, our average garage organization costs between $1500 and $5000. We work within people’s budget and offer garage organization solutions at all price levels.
Do you offer garage floor refinishing?
We don’t refinish garage floors, even though our suppliers try to sell us the product for this service, and the reason is simple. We are experts in garage storage and cabinets and don’t want to tackle projects beyond our niche. We refer our clients to a local Calgary company that has sole expertise in concrete work and concrete finishing; that way we know the quality of our client’s floors are the same as their cabinets.
Where are your garage cabinets made?
Our garage cabinets are made in CANADA for CANADIAN garages. We offer unlimited ways to customize your garage cabinets to optimize the storage of your stuff, and at the same time create a stunning and unique look.

A custom garage will revolutionize your storage potential

The largest storage area in your home is most likely your garage. It’s where you store your tools, your gardening supplies, sports equipment, and even your vehicle. If you are finding it hard to find the space to keep all of your belongings and because of it end up parking your car on the road because you have no space in your garage, then something has to be done. We can build you a custom garage that will allow you to store all of your belongings and find the room to park your car, too!

Garage Organization – Calgary
Custom Garage Storage & Systems

free in-home consultations
Unique Storage and Organizers
Garage Storage & Organization Systems
Calgary & Surrounding areas
We can help you design the perfect garage storage solution

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