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Unique Storage and Organizers has a complete line of pantry organization systems that has helped many homeowners in the Calgary area streamline their pantries. Pantries are likely THE MOST USED storage space in your home- just think about the countless times the pantry is used each day by every family member who is on the hunt for a snack or preparing a meal.

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warm-cognac-kitchen-pantryAt unique storage and organizers our designer will come into your home for a free consultation and look at the current state of your pantry. Although we can anticipate what a pantry typically needs, every customer has slightly different ideas about what they want to keep in their pantry. We then come up with a space saving design that will effectively organize and compartmentalize the layout! We are a small family business which means the company owner will be the one coming to your home – and he gets very excited about pantries because he knows how much a well-organized pantry will enhance and simplify your everyday routine. Then, when its time to install your new pantry, our company owner will be the one back in your home ensuring that every detail of the installation meets his high standards and exceeds yours. Of course, each pantry comes with our standard lifetime guarantee. We use the same high quality materials to build our pantries that we use in our closets and offices. The shelves are MADE IN CANADA and are resistant to moisture and stains and are always at least ¾” thick, so warping when storing heavy items is never a concern.


Once you have a place for everything in your kitchen, you’ll notice that shopping and meal preparation becomes much more simple.

Kitchen Pantry Shelves Hold All of Your Pantry Items

The pantry can often become a dumping ground for a variety of canned and boxed dry goods, and also home for some small appliances and maybe even the spare bathroom tissue. What we do is create designs that completely segregate the variety of items into categories that not only makes them easier to see and find, but also allows you to immediately see what quantities you have on hand – and what you might need to add to your shopping list!

secret-modern-kitchen-pantryFor example, an extremely satisfied Calgary pantry customer loved the fact that heavy, bulky specialized appliances that are used once in a while were stored in their own section toward the bottom of the pantry. The everyday food supplies were in another section, then a shelf for the snack food, a specific compartment for cookbooks, and another for ziplock bags and saranwrap. We put in a couple of drawers so that she could keep all her smaller spice jars together, and then a pullout basket for her onions and potato’s.

At the initial consultation we will draw a 3D image of your pantry vision on our software. Now you can actually see what your pantry would look like after the remodeling. We will immediately show you how this new design prices out, and show you options to decrease the price if it is over budget – and also show you numerous options and accessories to beautify your pantry or make it more user friendly.

There are many options to consider. Some people like the idea of wire pull out baskets for fruit and vegetables, or even for recycling and garbage. Some prefer a number of traditional drawers, or even our ‘scoop drawers’ which allow the user to see what’s in the drawer even when its closed! We offer the pantry in 11 different wood colors and 7 different drawer front styles too, along with options of different hardware styles. Pull out spice racks and pull out wine racks are a popular accessory.

In some larger pantries, we can include cabinets with doors that close off and hide the contents – or we can use glass insert doors if you chose to see what is inside the cabinet. With the exception of the top and bottom shelves, we make all the shelves in the pantry adjustable. This gives you an enormous amount of flexibility to adjust shelf heights to meet any changes in your lifestyle or eating habits!

Common Questions:

white-corner-shelf-pantryDo I have to remove my old existing wire shelving? NO! We will remove your existing wire shelving. We will even patch the holes in your drywall – and best of all, we do this for FREE. It’s just part of our awesome service.

Will you be cutting wood and making dust mess in my house? Absolutely not. All our cutting will be done outside (even if its -30 degrees and snowing!!).

I got a quote from ‘some other company’ – how will your prices compare? Apples to apples, we will beat them – and we guarantee that. There are some inferior products out there, which are cheaper in every sense of the word. But for the same materials and design we price guarantee that we won’t be beat.

We hope you chose us for your pantry project. You won’t be disappointed – we guarantee that. Check out our testimonials to see what your Calgary neighbours are saying about us!

Get a free kitchen pantry consultation by calling us now! There’s no cost or obligation; call today.

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