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antique-white-shaker-officeUnique Storage & Organizers specializes in supplying and installing custom home office solutions for their Calgary and surrounding area customers. We understand the importance of a well designed and organized home office, and the benefits it can bring to the family home.

Unique Storage and Organizers simplifies and enhances your life by bringing organization and harmony to your home. We reduce clutter and mess by offering creative storage solutions and designs to better utilize your existing space. This is especially important in your home office.

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We can help you design the perfect solution

The most important step in creating a custom home office for you and your family is the design process. Our designers will come to your home and measure the space you are thinking of turning into an office. They will also take into account who is going to be using the office. Is this going to be an office for Mom & Dad to use during their telecommuting days, and then a place for the kids to do their homework in the evenings? Do we need storage for work and personal files? Do the kids need their own spot to keep their school books tucked away and out of sight so they don’t get mixed in with the parents tax returns!? What technologies are you using, desktop computers, laptops, printers etc.? With all these facts considered our designer can go to work and come up with a completely custom and unique design tailored specifically for your needs, to fit your everyday life style and user habits. It’s the thought the goes into this design process that completely sets us apart – and best of all IT’S FREE.


Our Calgary customers love our custom offices because they are available in 9 beautiful colours, and we have seven different styles of drawer and door fronts to choose from. The quality of the material used to build your custom office is a 3/4” thick thermal fused laminate which is perfect for withstanding everyday use by the family – we guarantee it – as all our wooden office cabinets come with a lifetime guarantee! We offer smaller drawers for storing stationary, and larger wooden filing cabinet drawers that come with the highest quality full extension runners – perfect for storage of heavy files. All cabinet doors come with soft close steel hinges – and we offer a variety of desk tops from 1” thick laminate to granite if you prefer.

Another consideration for the design of your office is the running of cables for printers, power cords, charger cords, monitor cables etc. We will drill holes to accommodate all of this, and install finishing grommets in the holes to make it all look finished and professional. Undermount keyboard trays can be supplied and installed – or we’ll install your own keyboard trays if you prefer. We can create custom width shelves or cupboards built specifically to house the dimensions of your PC tower, or your printer, and book cases with adjustable shelves so you can change the height to accommodate various sizes of books or binders.

On every step of the design process, we will show you 3D images of your office project so you can really see exactly what the finished custom office will look like – this really helps, and eliminates the guess work of you trying to visualize what your office might look like when it’s done.


Once you’re happy that you’ve got a great design, we’ve shown you samples of the top quality materials we use, and you’ve picked out color and drawer front styles and accessories, the next step is to schedule your install.   When you place an order for a custom office we offer you an install date that is usually within about 3 weeks! That gives our Canadian factory 2 weeks to manufacture your office from scratch, and to get it shipped to our Calgary location. Once it arrives in Calgary, our skilled installer will deliver it to you and completely install the office usually in just 1 day! Your new custom office is ready to use right away! Everything will have a place! NO MORE CLUTTER!

Common Questions:

 How quick can you come out to take a look at office? We will come out for an onsite consultation within a week, and we will give you pricing right away.

How long does the install take? Usually the install is complete within a day, and our lead time for install from the time of placing an order is 3 weeks.

Will there be any mess or disruption to my house on install day? Absolutely not. We NEVER leave a mess. Quite often customers will meet us in the morning to let us in and then go to work. When they come back from work their new custom office is built and ready to use!


Whether you are looking to create multiple work spaces for different family members, looking to turn a messy cluttered den into a wonderfully organized custom office, or just looking to add value to your home – Unique  Storage and Organizers are ready to help.concrete-office-in-shaker

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