Closet Design in White Rock, BC
If you are struggling with the organization of your home, kitchen, pantry, garage, or home office and you're in White Rock, British Columbia, or the surrounding areas, we have a solution for you! Unique Storage and Organizers can create a fully custom closet design that will work wonders for your organizational needs. From your walk-in closet, to the garage, pantry or home office we have you covered, with high quality storage solutions available we can help you get organized. Even better, each custom closet, garage storage or home organization system we install will be custom designed for your personal needs.

Our Closets are Custom Designed Just for You

There are a lot of closet organizers out there, and it can be difficult to choose exactly what to get. When you purchase a product off of the shelf of a home improvement store, you can’t be sure that it will fit your space exactly, and you might not be able to find exactly what you need. Our custom closet designs solve that issue! Contact Us today and let Unique Storage and Organizers build the perfect storage solution for you!
  • Custom closets fit even irregular spaces. Not all homes are the same and because of the uniqueness of our homes it can be difficult to purchase closets or other storage options due to the difficulty of finding the exact dimensions required for the space you have.  Say you have an angled wall, a slightly crooked floor or an asymmetrical storage area, what do you do? Many storage options will no longer suit your space, and those that do may not be the style, shape, color or even the material you wanted. Slight differences in the construction of homes and minor imperfections can make  it difficult to buy a cookie cutter storage solution but not to worry our custom designed storage solutions will be able to ensure that your new and fully custom closet fits precisely. During your free consultation appointment, our professional home organization experts will take measurements of the desired area and then provide you with information on what your customized storage space will look like.
  • Custom closets meet your needs without any waste. Our professional home organization experts specialize in custom home solutions like closets, garage storage, kitchen and pantry organizers: We are well-versed in the evaluation of homeowner needs and the creation of new and innovative designs that will fit into your specific lifestyle.  We also understand that in order to determine what you need in your custom closet solution we need to take a look at what you have to store so we can make suggestions based on our experience in the field.
  • Custom closets are built for your budget and sense of style. We will discuss your budget with you when we come for your free consultation appointment, and can suggest various ways to help you save money on your custom closet system. Also, we offer a wide variety of coatings,colors and finishes on all of our products. This means that your closet design will complement your home decor, whether your style is traditional, modern or an eclectic blend of the two.

Call Today to Get Started on Your Custom Closet Design

If you live in the White Rock area, we offer an in-home closet design consultation. This appointment is completely free of both cost and obligation. In most cases, you’ll be able to see your closet design on our 3D software during the appointment itself, so you’ll know exactly what we’re offering before you approve the price and schedule your installation. The first step starts with a simple phone call, so get in touch with us today! You have nothing to lose.