Matte Garage Cabinets: Understated and Functional

Our matte garage cabinets offer an understated, quiet look and a lot of function and storage space. Nestled up against your garage walls, these will let any color vehicle take center stage. They also go along with just about any decorating style, making them a great choice for just about any garage!

Silver or White? It’s Up to You!

Unique Storage & Organizers offers two different matte finishes:

Silver Matte Garage Cabinets


Our silver cabinets have a matte finish, making them perfect for a retro, modern or futuristic-looking garage!

White Matte Garage Cabinets


White matte garage cabinets stand quietly in the background, providing function without being overbearing.

Our Garage Cabinets Are Top-Quality!

No matter which finish you choose, you’ll find that our wall-mounted garage cabinets are top-notch. From easy maintenance to small details like hidden hinges and fade resistance, your new custom garage cabinets will stand up to many years’ of usage.

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