Spiff Up Your Garage With Metallic Garage Cabinets

If your tastes veer toward adding a bit of shimmer and shine to the rooms of your home, then we want your garage to look just as upscale! Unique Storage & Organizers offers two great metallic finishes for our clients who like the shiny things in life.

Choose One of Our Metallic Garage Finishes

Our metallic finishes were chosen so that you could warm up or cool down your custom garage.

Windswept Bronze

Windswept Bronze

To warm up your garage, you can choose our Windswept Bronze garage cabinet finish. These are great to complement white or gold cars!

White Matte Garage Cabinets

Windswept Pewter

On the cool end of the spectrum is our Windswept Pewter finish. Highlight a red, black, blue or green car with this cool, classy shade.

High-Quality Garage Cabinets Built Just for You!

All of our products are custom designed and built especially for you. We’ll help you decide on a garage design that will allow you to store your belongings the way you want to. Whether you play sports all year round or pursue an avid woodworking hobby, we can build you the garage of your dreams.

Call us to schedule a free consultation appointment to learn more about our custom garages!