A Canadian Custom Garage – Fit In All Your Adventure Gear!

A Canadian Custom Garage – Fit In All Your Adventure Gear!

Vancouver is full of beautiful adventures to be had! For all you outdoor enthusiasts, you're going to need a custom garage for gear storage! : travel.nationalgeographic.com The British Columbia and Vancouver area is an outdoor enthusiast's paradise! With all the fun to be had outdoors, Canadians tend to collect an assortment of gear for their adventurous lifestyles. From fishing and hiking gear to snowboards and kayaks - the possibilities for fun are endless and the accessories are too! OutsideOutline.com made a post on good outdoor gear for 2014. In order to keep your active lifestyle thriving and to venture out into new hobbies, you will need a custom garage organization system to store all your active gear! We've devised ten tips to help you store your favorite toys that will even help you make room for more! Adventure Garage Tip One: Clean Out the Clutter and Take Inventory! You might have your garage slightly organized, but we can help you make it better! First things first, clear out everything. Get all your belongings out of the garage and into the driveway so you can see the space you have, while taking inventory of all your gear. You will probably notice that you can afford to clear some hoard, if this is the case create a donate, trash, recycle, sale and keep pile; this will make it easy to see what you will be fitting back into the garage.

garage organization tips for clearing clutter

This messy garage needs some work! Start by clearing everything out and onto the driveway, so you can take inventory for better garage organization. : sheknows,com While you're sorting through your things, keep in mind that pairing like with like makes it easier to put everything away in an organized manner. If you have a lot of tools for instance, keep all you building supplies together - if you have a lot of fishing gear, keep poles, lures, line and tackle together as well. This is the first step towards achieving your organized garage that is customized for adventure! Adventure Garage Tip Two: Start From the Ground Up! Now that all your belongings and gear are out of the garage and organized into similar piles, take a step back and admire all the space you have in your garage. Now check your garage floor...is it cracked, busted and stained plain old concrete? If you want to improve your garage and increase your home's value, adding an epoxy overcoat to your garage floors is a great solution!

epoxy garage floors

Epoxy Floors enhance your garage floor and improve its strength. : pinterest.com Epoxy flooring is durable as well as stain, slip and spill proof; so you can do your dirtiest jobs and stash your roughest adventure gear without worrying about busting the garage floor up. Epoxy floors come in textures with flake chips and can also be of high shine quality; whatever style you choose, will standout above other garage floors and allow you to showcase all your fun outdoor toys on a showroom floor! Hire a garage floor expert or look up a tutorial to DIY. Adventure Garage Tip Three: Decide How You Will Organize Your Gear! A great way to decide on how you will organize your outdoor for your new adventure garage is to create zoning areas for designated storage. A zone system in the garage allows you to always know where you have your stuff put away and also allows for easy access. You can hire a professional garage organizer or DIY with the help of online tutorials. Professional's usually utilize a 3D design system that allows you to see the exact layout before the installation process begins, but DIY systems can be great too. You might want to install hanging racks, customized garage cabinets, shelves and slat bars to really achieve optimal organization, but first draw up a plan of where you want everything laid out. Adventure Garage Tip Four: Choose Garage Cabinets That Fit Your Lifestyle. Custom garage cabinets will help you keep your tools and gear put away in designated places, so you'll always know where to go to find them. No more digging through and sifting through boxes for you! Garage cabinet organization systems help you stay ahead of the game, so you can spend more time enjoying your life and less time searching for whatever it is you are looking. Spend more time soul searching and less time stuff searching with custom garage cabinets!

powder coated garage cabinets

Floating cabinets for garage organization keep your storage dry, off the garage floor, safe from weather damage and away from pests! : pinterest.com Adventure Garage Tip Five: High Quality, High Storage. When it comes to garage storage, especially for seasonal gear, there is no better solution than overhead storage racks. With tons of unused ceiling space, overhead racks allow you to get your gear off the floor and up high, ultimately creating more space for garage floor activities! Your gear will be safe and stored away from weather damage, moisture and pests. Seasonal items that are only used a few times a year won't be in the way with overhead storage systems.

overhead racks for garage storage

Overhead rack storage systems keep your garage organized and all your gear up high out of harms way! :pinterest.com To get the best out of your overhead rack, use labeled totes and bins that are moisture proof, this way you know exactly what is in each bin and you won't have to dig around to find what you need. Store heavy winter jackets, snow gear, summer beach chairs, etc. in your new overhead rack for complete garage organization! Adventure Garage Tip Six: Delve into Shelves for Complete Garage Storage! Shelving units can be a huge help for a neat and tidy garage. Shelves that are raised up high are great for families with kids that want to get into everything because you can stash cleaning products and harsh chemicals up high. Shelving systems are also great for keeping items that are used often on display and within easy reach. You can always build your shelves yourself or call in a professional! If you are going to DIY, check out these storage shelf blueprints for ideas!

garage shelves as organization system

These shelves may have not been designed by an expert, but they are sturdy and functional. Garage Shelves offer excess storage for a variety of items : pinterest.com Adventure Garage Tip Seven: Wide Open Space...On Your Garage Walls! We often overlook how much wall space our garages have. A great way to utilize the wide open wall spaces for garage organization is to install a slatwall or gridwall system. You can also install a really cool pegboard to store everything from tools, cleaning supplies, gardening equipment, skis, sports equipment and more! Check out this tutorial for DIY pegboard inspiration! Adventure Garage Tip Eight: Store Your Nuts, bolts and Screws the Right Way! If you are a handyman and you're always fixing adventure gear or working an innovative new idea, then you can probably use some help organizing all your tiny building supplies. nails, bolts, screws and nuts get lost in the cracks at time. If you install a pegboard for garage organization as mentioned in tip seven, then you can use it to store your tiny parts. How? Mount cups to the pegboard with labels or use metal spice containers to store away easily lost pieces for building!

garage organization for small item storage

A pegboard installation also allows you to keep track of tiny building parts that easily get lost. : babble.com Adventure Garage Tip Nine: Store Away Hiking and Rain Boots by the Garage Door! If you live in Vancouver then you definitely know that it can rain, a lot! But the adventure lover and outdoorsmen in you doesn't let that stop your explorations! Build a by the door shoe rack to accommodate dirty sneakers, wellies and hiking boots! You won't track any mud into your house after that up-mountain trek you had so much fun on!

shoe storage rack for garage organization

A wet shoe rack is perfect to add into your garage organization plan, so you have a place to store your dirty hiking boots or rain soaked wellies! Adventure Garage Tip Ten: Store Your Heavy Items With Paracord! If you have kayaks, canoes, surfboards, paddle boards or other similar items, you need a place that is safe to store them away. Propping them against the wall just doesn't cut it. You can always use u-hooks on the wall, but another option is to use paracord to suspend your water-sports gear from the ceiling. You can easily slide your gear in and out of the paracord and if you need to bring the rope with you - just in case you get stranded while whale watching! Utilizing this system to store big gear helps keep your garage floor open and spacious.

Your love for adventure is hopefully a never ending journey of fun and adrenaline! As you take on more adventurous activities and collect more gear, you will need the space to store it all. Use our garage tips for organization to fit it all in! If you want to take it to the max - hire a professional garage storage expert for a customized garage paradise for all your adventure gear!

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