How to Have Your Very Own Celebrity Closet

How to Have Your Very Own Celebrity Closet

You’ve undoubtedly seen photos of gorgeous closets that are owned by various celebrities. From plush floor coverings, to fancy chandeliers and all of the wardrobe and shoe options in between, the rich and famous can certainly afford to put high-quality adornments in their storage spaces. If you are putting together or updating your own custom closet, however, you might not have many thousands of dollars to spend. Here are some tips on having your own celebrity closet at a fraction of the cost:

  • Clean it out. If there’s one thing that celebrity closets aren’t, it’s messy. You’ve heard of the 80/20 rule, and it can be applied to your closet: You’re probably only wearing 20% of your clothing, 80% of the time. You don’t have to limit yourself to only a small fraction of your wardrobe, but you undoubtedly have items that you simply don’t wear anymore. Make liberal use of your “off to the thrift shop” pile or have a garage sale! If you haven’t worn something in a year and it doesn’t hold nostalgic value for you, then let it go. This alone will help your closet look neater and cleaner, which is definitely a characteristic of the closets of the rich and famous.
  • Play with color. Dull, drab walls are not something that goes along with luxury. The great news is that paint is an inexpensive way to spruce things up! While you have all of your clothing out of the closet, roll a coat of paint on the walls. Choose your colors carefully; you want to choose something light and bright enough to visually open up the closet, but nothing too jarring. You still want to be able to see the colors of your clothing easily. Other options for adding color include leaving the walls white or cream and painting the moldings and ceilings; putting down a fun area rug; or even organizing your clothes in rainbow order.
  • Adorn the walls. If you have empty wall space in your closet, glam it up! Try hanging some art; it doesn’t have to be anything expensive. Even a poster print could look nice. A full-length mirror is another way to decorate the wall and serve a purpose at the same time. You could install hooks to hold your purses if you have a large collection of handbags; group them by color or size and make them look like part of the decor!
  • Install good lighting. Finally, choose a lighting option that looks luxurious and also will keep your closet well-lit enough to allow you to see everything easily. Recessed lighting or a sparkly chandelier are great options. Keep your eyes open at garage and estate sales to find a lighting fixture for a song.

By making your closet more attractive and fun to be in, you’ll naturally want to keep it well-organized. This, in turn, will help your morning routines run more smoothly. You can also call Unique Storage and Organizers to set up a consultation appointment, so that we can take a look at what you have and design the perfect storage solution for you. Your options are nearly limitless when it comes to putting together a celebrity closet in your own home!

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