Closet Clutter? Check Out These Do’s and Don’ts of Closet Organization.

Closet Clutter? Check Out These Do’s and Don’ts of Closet Organization.

Closets can become cluttered easily and organization strategies exist to help your sort through the mess! But there are good organization strategies and bad! We are here to help you with the Do's and Don'ts of Closet Organization! Do: Purge, Purge, Purge! Take everything out of your closet right now! Get rid of anything you have not worn in the past year and also toss things that just don't fit right! There is no reason to keep these items, since you are not wearing them. Do the right thing and donate your unused items to a charity or local thrift store!

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Purge all unused, outdated and unflattering clothes. You can donate to a local organization or have a clothing swap with friends! : Don't: Hold onto Sentimental or Just In Case Items! While you're purging, don't keep things just because you have some sort of sentimental attachment to the item. Your wedding dress is an exception (even though you could donate it to someone who is less fortunate); everything else should go in the get rid of box. If you absolutely can't part with something and you never use it, try to up-cycle it into something your will actually utilize! You can make a scarf or fun accessory out of old t-shirts. Just cut them up, twist and knot them together! Upcycle complete!: Do: Rely on Hangers! Utilize self-adjusting hanging rods and good hangers to get your clothes up and in clear view. Hangers can be used in a diverse number of ways. You can fold your jeans on them, store scarves, hang your bags and you can even make a jewelry organizer out of a hanger! Here are some more hanger ideas!

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Use a can pull tab to connect hangers and create more space in your closet. This will also allow you to pair items that match each other perfectly! : Don't: Use Hangers That Have No Grip! Using hangers that your clothes are always slipping off of is pointless. Use felt hangers or wooden hangers that have notches, so you don't end up with your wardrobe on the closet floor!

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Wrap your hangers in a brightly colored thread and spice up your closet with a pop of color. The thread will help your clothes stay put on the hanger and your closet will have a chic bohemian feel! : Do: Use Closet Storage Organizers! Invest in closet organizers to keep yourself on track with tidiness. You can install racks, custom cabinets and even drawers. A great investment is to hire a custom closet designer to get your storage space decked out with all the closet organizers you need!

Custom Premier Walk-In Closet

A custom closet designer can upgrade your closet with the best closet organization systems on the market : Don't: Only Rely On What Comes Stock in Your Closet: Average closets usually just come with one hanging rod and one rack, if you're lucky! Don't rely on these minimal storage options to stay organized. They just aren't up to par and there are so many ways you can upgrade your closet organization systems! Check out these six simple closet upgrades!

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Use double hanging rods stacked on top of one another to create extra hanging space and install custom drawers for accessory storage! :

Do: Personalize Your Closet With Your Own Unique Style! You should be proud of your style, whether it is simple and classic or funky and eclectic. Celebrate your individuality throughout your home and include your closets!

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This walk-in is personalized with a fun, feminine chandelier and a sweet stool for trying on shoes! Don't: Leave Your Closet Drab and Boring! You may think it's hard to personalize your closet, but it can actually be super simple. Just add fresh cut flowers, a cool painting or even use your own wardrobe pieces as decor. There really is no better way to show off your taste than by displaying your awesome shoe collection. With a little creative thinking, you can easily personalize your closet space.

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Do: Give Yourself an Adequate Amount of Time to Get Organized! Organization takes time. Something that works for one person, may not work for you. Give yourself time to glean out the clutter, install organization systems, personalize your closet and find your organizational flow. You will find that you do have organization skills and you'll figure out what works best for your individual lifestyle!

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It takes time to get a closet this organized, but it is totally possible! Just give yourself a goal to finish at least one organization strategy every week and you'll be an organized guru in no time flat! Don't: Think You Will Finish This Project in a Day or Even a Weekend! Rome was not built in a day, so they say. And your closet won't be organized that quickly either. Don't expect to be done in a few hours. Organization takes time and building the skills to do it in a way that works perfectly for you...well that will be an ongoing learning process, because you can always implement new tricks! There are tons of tools online to help you figure out organization systems that work best for you! Take advantage of other people's ideas!!

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