Color and Your Closet

Color and Your Closet

you decorate your home, color plays an important part. A glance around your house would probably show a variety of your favorite shades. Perhaps you prefer a sunny yellow in your kitchen and a cool blue in your living room... or vice versa! Chances are good that you put quite a bit of thought into what colors to paint the walls, what color bedspread to choose, and whether the shades in your curtains complement your sofa. When it comes to the areas of your home behind closed doors, namely the closets, however, many homeowners don’t think of utilizing color in this small area. Since the goal should be to make your closet an enjoyable space to use, it’s a good idea to think about ways to make it more aesthetically appealing. This will likely involve the use of color.

  • Paint When you clean out your closets, it’s a good idea to take a look at how the paint looks while all of your clothes are out of the way. If it’s nicked or scratched, or if it’s simply not a shade that you like, take advantage of the empty space and get it painted! Since your closet is a small area, you probably won’t use a whole gallon of paint. You might choose to use the same color as the accent wall in your bedroom, or you may prefer to simply update it with another neutral shade such as white, cream, beige or light gray. On the other hand, if you’re feeling whimsical, maybe a pop of a bright color would add some interest to the room! If you are having custom closets installed, be sure to paint before your closet organization system in installed.
  • Custom Closets When you have custom closets designed for your storage area, your professional will go over all of the color and finish options with you. Wood finishes range from light to dark, and you may have the choice of several painted colors as well. Keep in mind what your general decor scheme is in your bedroom when deciding which finish to use on your custom closet products. Also, you’ll be able to choose hardware that complements your finish. Your closet expert will be able to advise you if you are unsure of what to pick.
  • Sorting Clothing By Color Once your walls and closet system are done, it will be time to hang your clothing up once again. You’ll be separating them by type, and putting all of the tops together, all of the dresses, all of the pants, and so on. While you’re doing that, however, it’s nice to group them by color as well, so that your eye can easily pick out what you are looking for. The finished result will depend on your wardrobe: If you have clothing that is primarily neutral in shade, then you will have a different overall look than you would if your clothing encompassed the entire range of the rainbow. Play with the different possibilities until you happen upon an arrangement that looks good to you!

that your closet isn’t only a place to store your clothing, but also part of your bedroom and part of your home. Choosing colors carefully as you plan your closet decor will go a long way in making sure that you feel comfortable and happy in your closet.

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