How to Store Neckties

How to Store Neckties

If you wear neckties, you probably already know that hanging them without untying them will just lead to wrinkles that make the tie look messy the next time you wear it. What is the best way to store these accessories?

  • Black and White NecktieMost ties can be safely stored on a tie rack. This is a closet accessory that can be integrated into your custom closet system, or it could be purchased separately.
  • Knit ties shouldn't ever be hung, because they can get stretched out. Knit, wool and silk ties should be rolled loosely and placed neatly in a drawer. Don't stack or crush them. A drawer with separators is your best bet for keeping them nice and neat.
  • Don't use regular hangers with your ties, as this can cause creasing and they're likely to slip off onto the floor. Also, let your ties rest for about three days before wearing them again; wrinkles tend to disappear after three days or so in most ties.

Keep your ties in good shape by following these tips. If you are interested in having closet accessories, including a tie rack, built into your custom closet, just let your closet designer know. Call to schedule your free consultation so you can go over all of the options with one of our closet professionals.

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