How to Keep Your Bathroom Clean and Uncluttered

How to Keep Your Bathroom Clean and Uncluttered

For such a small room, the bathroom requires a good deal of attention in order to keep it uncluttered, clean and sanitary. Here’s a test for you to take: If unexpected company calls and says they’ll be at your house in five minutes, do you feel like you can have the rest room “company ready” in that amount of time, or do you panic? If you recognize yourself in the latter suggestion, then read on for some great tips on keeping your bathroom maintained. Even if your bathroom is usually clean, check out these suggestions to see if any of them help things run more smoothly.

  • Do a deep-down clean once per week If you have little boys or more than two or three people are sharing one bathroom, then you may need to do this more often, but for most of us, a once-a-week deep cleaning is enough. Do this even if you think you could hold off and only perform this task every two weeks. This will eliminate the risk of company coming on day 13 when the bathroom is looking pretty unsanitary. Remove all items from the counters and spray down the sink and surrounding surfaces. Then spray every surface of the commode, including the inside. While those are sitting, wipe off the mirror with glass cleaner. Run the shower to make everything wet, and sprinkle the tub or shower with an abrasive cleaner such as baking soda or a bleach powder. Wipe down the sink, counters and toilet, using a toilet brush on the inside of the commode. Wash out the toothbrush holder; it gets surprisingly dirty. Scrub out the tub and rinse well. Finally vacuum or sweep, then mop the floor, including behind the toilet. Voila, you’re done, and it shouldn’t have taken more than about a half hour.
  • Do a quick wipe-down every day This is something that might be hard to remember to do in the hall bathroom if you only use the master bathroom throughout the day. Try to make it a habit of using each bathroom in your house at least once daily to help you remember. Of course, an alternative is to train your children to do this in the guest bathroom, if that’s the one they use! This should be quick, and shouldn’t take more than five minutes. Unclutter the counters and wipe out the sink. Use the toilet brush to swish out the toilet, and use dampened toilet paper to wipe under the seat. You can also use a handful of toilet paper to wipe up any hair or dust from the floor. Flush, and you’re ready to go. This will keep the bathroom clean and neat in between weekly deep cleanings.
  • Find places to stash your clutter Are your counters a mishmash of lotions, potions, soaps, shaving creams and makeup? If you don’t have drawers in your bathroom, you’ll need to find somewhere to keep all of these items. If your only option is to store them on the counter, then find some pretty baskets or bins to keep them organized and neat-looking. Otherwise, consider keeping them in a linen closet, in a rack that you install over the toilet, or in a shower caddy that you keep under the sink.
  • Keep a basket of guest toiletries handy This is a nice extra. Stashing a basket of pretty soaps, small lotions, travel sized shampoo and conditioner, an extra toothbrush and a sample tube of toothpaste means that you’ll be ready if someone stays over at your house without a lot of notice. Your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness, and you won’t have to scramble around to find extra items for them to use.

Keeping your bathroom neat and clean is mostly for your own family, of course, and not impromptu guests. It’s nice to not have to worry about the bathroom, however, when someone does have nature call when stopping by. Bathroom organization is a challenge for many people, but once everything has a place, it’s only a matter of simple maintenance.

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