No Kitchen Counter Space? Try Our Ten Small Kitchen Storage Strategies!

No Kitchen Counter Space? Try Our Ten Small Kitchen Storage Strategies!

Tiny kitchen? Looking for counter and storage space? Don't worry, be happy - we have got you covered with ten smart solutions for small kitchen counter storage! Vancouver's fitness guru and healthy lifestyle coach, Lisa Marie, is an inspiration for fitness enthusiast's all over. Her blog and online video site, is a source for life advice, nutritional tips and hardcore workouts that will rock your body. But even someone as together and on top of it as Lisa Marie experiences small kitchen woes:
"Things got a little bit messy in the kitchen. I took a break from packing last night and prepared a meal that we could take with us on the road in the cooler. It was so late by the time I finished that I just left everything all over the place. There were so many things in the kitchen that I wanted to take with me, but we just ran out of space."
If you run into small kitchen storage and space problems like Lisa Marie, we have got the best ten storage strategies for you. These ten strategies are great for people with small kitchens that are constantly busy and on the go. Learn to keep things simple and easy in the kitchen, so you can put your energy into the things you love best!

1. Install A Custom Shelving System!

kitchen shelf storage You can make a lot of extra space in your small kitchen by installing custom kitchen shelves that are built in! :

2. Outfit Your Cabinets!

kitchen cabinet storage Outfit your cabinets with racks and shelf dividers to provide extra storage space :

3. Utilize Mason Jars!

mason jars Check out this hanging mason jar tutorial. You can store snacks, sugar, flour, pasta and more! Perfect for dried goods that come in boxes and take up cabinet space! Plus the mason jars look super rustic and cool! :

4. Use a Pot Hanger Above the Stove!

pots and pans storage This cute tiny kitchen utilizes a towel rack to hang pots and pans above the stove. You can find hooks and bars at just about any home store. :

5. Get Organized With a Pegboard!

Just like Julia Child, you too can have an organized kitchen with a pegboard installation. Pegboard can be cut to size, framed and hung in your small kitchen for utensil and pan storage! :

6. Lazy Susan's Aren't Lazy!

A Lazy Susan can be used on the counter, in cabinets, inside the fridge or in the pantry to optimize storage space. Perfect for spices, condiments and more! :

7. Use a Free Standing Rack!

free standing kitchen storage A free standing wire rack doesn't take up much space and is a great way to store tons of kitchen items. You can even decorate it with trinkets to match your personal style. Great for storing cookbooks too! :

8. Your Fridge is Magnetic!

Invest in some magnetic containers for spic storage. Your fridge if the perfect place to save space! :

9. Under the Sink Organization!

under the sink storage Install a sliding rack under the sink to get your cleaning supplies organized. :

10. Be a Basket Case!

kitchen basket storage Baskets and bins are one of the best way to keep things together and organized. Use baskets with labels for recyclables in the kitchen. : Hope we helped you figure out some solutions to your small kitchen storage problems! Now get organized and go rock your life!!

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