Nursery Makeover Tips and Tricks from the Closet to the Crib

Nursery Makeover Tips and Tricks from the Closet to the Crib

Pregnant moms and new mothers don't have a ton of time or energy on their hands, but they have a lot of work to do! Every parent wants a dream nursery for their child. A place that can be calming and relaxing, as well as stimulating. We have come up with ten tips to help you get your nursery ready from the closet to the crib in no time flat! Like a true closet system professional!

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Tip One: Clear Out the Designated Room!

This seems obvious as a beginning step, but clearing out a room can be difficult. Make sure you truly clear everything you don't need out of your extra room to make space for baby. You will want floor space, wall space and closet space to be maximized. Whatever you don't absolutely have to keep in the room, donate it or find another place for it in your house. if it doesn't serve mommy and baby get rid of it!

Tip Two: Use Toxic Free Paint!

Go with a calming and relaxing paint color that not only will appease baby, but will make mom happy too. You will want to get the least toxic paint available. It may be a little bit pricier, but when it comes to the health of your newborn - no price is too great!

Check out this article, "How Color Affects Your Baby" for nursery paint ideas!

Tip Three: A Nursery Should Be a Haven for Mom!

A nursery is for bonding, nursing, figuring out parenthood and everything in between. From messy diapers to baby laundry - you are going to want this space to be as relaxing as possible. Add in a plush chair for nursing or a daybed for napping with your darling baby. The more comfortable you feel in the nursery, the more comfortable the baby will be.

nursery for mommy

Choose to decorate your nursery that matches your style as a mom. Include a comfortable chair for nursing and make it your personal space :

Tip Four: Make a Checklist of Nursery Room Essentials!

A checklist for all the things you will need for a nursery makeover will help you stay better organized! :

Tip Five: Implement Nursery Storage.

You will need storage for diapers, rash cream, pacifiers and more in the nursery. Check out these 9 Easy Nursery Organization Ideas for storage inspiration. Under the Crib or Changing TableStorage is a great place to keep changing items, such as diapers, rash cream, baby powder, pins, etc. Store items under the crib or changing table that you use often and need within easy reach :

Tip Six: Create a Custom Closet That Can Grow With Your Baby.

A nursery closet is something you will definitely want to implement into your baby's new room. Choose to build a custom closet that is adjustable and can grow as your child does. Many hanging rods are adjustable and you can put shelves in that will last for the duration of your kids childhood. After all the clothes you will receive at the baby shower, you are going to need an organized space to store them. Hire a professional closet designer that specializes in kid's closets to help you with storage solutions or check out some DIY tutorials.

nursery closet organization

A nursery closet can be designed with shelves, cabinets drawers and hanging rods for more storage options. Look into adjustable shelving and rods so you can easily change the closet as your kid grows :

Tip Seven: Personalize with Art or a Fun Theme!

Get creative with your child's nursery to promote an artistic start in life. Whether you decide to go gender neutral or you want a super girly or extremely boyish nursery - there are a ton of design ideas out there that are super cheap! This gender neutral nursery uses cool antiqued frames to display a fun alphabet :

A Nursery is a Safe Place for Parents and Baby!

The nursery room should be comfortable, relaxing and safe. Make sure to baby proof the nursery, as well as the rest of the house. You can find safe nursery tips here.

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