Shoes for Spring 2013

Shoes for Spring 2013

Are you a shoe addict? If your closets contain more space for shoes than for the rest of your clothing and accessories, then you must love shoes! Spring is a great time for shoe-shoppers because you’re probably more than ready to trade in the shoes and boots that you’ve worn all winter for footwear that is a bit lighter.

Check out this slideshow of the best new shoes for women. You’ll see strappy sandals, heels up to here, saucy sneakers, jelly flats, not-too-sensible oxfords, sassy stripes, and so much more! It’s a great sneak peek at the hottest styles that you can wear on your feet this spring and summer.

If your shoe collection is taking over your closet, then you may need some help. Call us to talk about how custom closets can make a difference when it comes to storing your shoes and still having enough room for the other things you you need to wear.

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