Top Five Benefits of Having a Custom Garage Installed

Top Five Benefits of Having a Custom Garage Installed

Is your garage a mess? If you are dealing with clutter and chaos in this area of your home, you are not alone! A customized garage organization system might be the answer that you have been looking for. Here are the top five benefits of having a custom garage installed in your home:

  • You will be able to tame your clutter monster. Garage clutter can be quite overwhelming. Your garage is probably the largest storage space in your home, and by its very nature, it holds all sorts of odds and ends in addition to tools, gardening supplies and sports equipment. You can gain control over these items if you have a place for everything. A custom garage gives you exactly that!
  • Your items will be well-protected. Leaving items in cardboard boxes that are sitting on the floor leaves them vulnerable to insect infestation and damage from spilled garage fluids. When you have a custom garage installed, however, you’ll be storing your items off of the floor, where creepy-crawlies are less likely to make themselves at home. Also, they will be safer from rainwater, tracked-in snow and anything that drips out of your car.
  • You will be able to make the most of your wall and ceiling space. Most custom garages include wall-based storage options, like slatwall and gridwall. These allow you to store smaller items right up on the wall, where they won’t be taking up valuable space on the floor or on the other flat surfaces of your garage. You can also have special racks installed that will hold everything from your push-broom to any aerosol cans that you store in your garage. Overhead, you can store bicycles, seasonal decorations, items for the next garage sale... your options are nearly limitless!
  • Your floors will shine. If you have epoxy or polymer garage flooring put in while you are getting your custom garage installed, you will be able to enjoy glossy floors that are stain- and slip-resistant. These are much more attractive than standard cement garage floors, and they hold up extremely well to heat, cold, UV rays, spilled fluids and everything else that your garage might throw at them.
  • You can raise the value of your home. Any home improvements that you take on can raise the value of your home, and having a custom garage installed is absolutely no exception! You can ask your real estate agent for specifics for your area. Many potential home-buyers are very concerned with storage space, and seeing your items neatly stored in your professionally installed organization system can be just the push they need to make an offer on your home.

Are you ready to have your custom garage designed? Calling your local custom garage company for a consultation appointment is your first step to get the ball rolling. Most of the time, this type of appointment is free, and you will likely glean a lot of information and some great ideas. In just a few short weeks, you could be enjoying the peace of mind that comes with having a neatly organized garage!

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