What Type of Hangers Are Best?

What Type of Hangers Are Best?

In your efforts to get your closets organized for summer, you might be taking out old, cracked or warped hangers and hoping to replace them with something new. Do you know which type of hangers are best for which type of clothing?

Here are some hints:
  • Hangers On RackPlastic tubular hangers are good for hanging shirts and lightweight dresses. They are inexpensive and have little hooks for holding spaghetti straps.
  • For suits and pants, you will need something more sturdy. Consider wooden or plastic suit hangers. These are more expensive than tubular hangers, but you probably don't need too many.
  • Coats and jackets should be hung on wooden hangers. These are great in a front closet.
  • Padded hangers are excellent for anything made of silk, as well as other delicates.
  • You can buy hangers with clips included for hanging pants the long ways and for hanging skirts.
  • Remember, sweaters and other knits shouldn't be hung at all; fold them and put them in a drawer.
  • If you have any wire hangers, bring them to your local dry cleaners; they have no good use in a closet!

Hanging your clothes properly will help to give them a longer life, so a bit of investment now will pay off in the future.

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