If your master bedroom closet is less organized than you would like it to be, a custom closet from Unique Storage and Organizers may be just what you need to get back on track. You have a lot to store in your Surrey, British Columbia, home, and if you’re like many homeowners, a good number of your storage items end up in the master bedroom walk-in closet. Add this to all of your (and your partner’s, if applicable!) clothing, shoes and accessories, and it’s no wonder that you’re battling the clutter monster!

We Have the Storage Solutions for Your Walk-In Closet

In order to achieve excellent closet organization, you need the right tools. What we do is provide you with those tools, so that everything in your closet has a home. You may very well be amazed at how much more you can fit in your closet when the space is properly optimized! Here are some of the ways that we can help you get your closet under control:
  • Customized Closet Design When we design your walk-in closet, we aren’t just coming in with a system that we plucked off of a shelf. Instead, we take precise measurements, look at what you have to store, and talk to you about how you use your closet. Only then will we create a customized design that will work for your space, your preferences and your lifestyle.
  • Clothing Rods Chances are that you have a clothing rod or rods going along the perimeter of your closet. This is a good start, but it doesn’t always optimize the space available. If you or your partner wear mostly separates, having a second rod several feet below the first can utilize the vertical space available.
  • Closet Shelving If you are storing purses, hats, out of season clothing in boxes, seasonal decorations or anything else other than clothing, you might benefit from more shelf space. Our shelves can bear heavy loads and are designed to stand up to whatever you’re storing on them, so you can rest assured that your new system will hold everything that you need it to.
  • Closet Drawers If you are storing sweaters, tshirts or undergarments in your closet, you won’t be able to simply put them on hangers. Instead of having to leave your closet space in order to get these clothing items, you can simply use the closet drawers that come with your new custom closet system.
  • Closet Accessories You’ve heard it said that accessories make the man (or woman), and they make the closet, too! Our variety of tie racks, jewelry trays, belt hooks, shoe racks and more will allow you to store more in your closet than you’ve ever dreamed.

Call Today for a Free Consultation for Custom Closets in Surrey

If you live in the Surrey, BC, area, please give us a call to schedule your cost- and obligation-free consultation appointment. We will, in most cases, be able to design your custom walk-in closet right then and there on our special 3D software. You’ll be able to approve (or change) your design before we give you a customized price quote and schedule your installation appointment. Call today to get the process started.