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Install a Murphy Bed and Create Space for Guests

In many homes, space is at a premium. You may need to choose between having a home office, an extra kid-bedroom or a dedicated guest room. If you think that you don’t have the space to accommodate guests, think again: You may be able to install a Murphy bed, also called a wall bed, in a child’s bedroom, your home office or den. You can pull the bed down in a matter of minutes, and you’ll have a convenient place for guests to stay. When they go home, simply tuck the bed up to the wall, and you have all of your living space back.

Wall Beds are More Comfortable Than Your Sofa or Air Mattress

Don’t relegate your parents or cousins to a lumpy pull-out sofa bed or to a potentially leaky air mattress! Our Murphy beds are as comfortable as their traditional counterparts. They come in double and queen sizes, so you can accommodate an adult or two.

Murphy Beds are Surprisingly Attractive

When your wall bed is in its upright position, no one will be the wiser; they blend seamlessly in with your organization system. Our beds come in a variety of finishes, so they will match the flooring, wall coverings and furniture that you already have in the room. They’re also flanked on either side with attractive shelving and cabinetry, adding a touch of elegance, as well as extra storage, to your double-duty room.

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