Home Security Measures You Should Take Now

Home Security Measures You Should Take Now

Break-ins happen every day, and being the victim of a robbery or, worse, a home invasion, is of concern to every homeowner. The good thing is that there are steps that you can take to make your home less of a target to would-be intruders. Having a home security system is, of course, a great way to keep your home and family safe, but if you can’t have one installed or if you already have one and would like to go even beyond that, here are some measures that you should take now:

  • Use the locks on your windows and doors Many times, break-ins occur because thieves are able to simply walk in. Every time you leave your house, make sure that your front and back doors, as well as any patio sliders and windows, are shut and locked. Unless you are leaving a door or window open for the breeze to come into the house, lock the when you are home, as well. Don’t forget to check your skylights; these can provide another entry point to a determined burglar.
  • Get a dog If you have been considering adding a four-legged family member, you might want to think about getting a dog. Of course, a large dog with an imposing and deep, “woof!” will deter criminals more than a yapping lap dog. Even if you don’t have a dog, a “beware of the dog” sign on your window with an image of a large dog might give potential intruders pause; they might simply choose to try another house. One caveat: If you install a doggie door, make sure that you lock that, as well, as thieves have been known to gain entry that way!
  • Trim the bushes If you have overgrown landscaping around your front door, this gives thieves a great place to hide themselves while working on breaking into your home. Keep the porch well-maintained and the bushes trimmed so that they will be in full view of anyone who lives nearby or who happens to drive down your street.
  • Install lighting The same visibility issue is at play if you don’t have adequate lighting around your home. Once the sun goes down, the dark gives burglars a good cover. Put in motion detectors that flood the front and back entry points with light when someone walks by. You should also have a bright light at your front door, and possibly walkway lights as well. Someone prowling around will likely decide that your home isn’t worth the higher risk of getting caught.
  • Don’t hide your key under the doormat This is the first place that a thief will look for a spare key. Other common hiding places are inside a flower pot by the front door or on top of the doorframe. If you must hide a spare key, then you’ll need to think of more creative places to store it. It is really better to leave a spare with a trusted neighbor, however; this way, there is no hidden key to be found by anyone with less-than-honorable intentions.

Keeping your home secure is important to you, as it is vital to keeping your valuables and your family members safe and sound. By taking some of these steps, you’ll be helping to deter thieves from your property.

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